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Explosive battles at home , awesome sex, I see fireworks most times! Finally I am the one that wears the pants and he grants my every wish. Adultry on his side and mine. I say this with no malice whatsoever … a bit of sadness.. I have fought and conquered my aloof.. Some of this is very true!

When we were good, it was great. When things got bad, it got ugly. Got screwed over by a superficial ariesguy. The aries man usually is inlove with the aqua woman from my experience. The problem is, is that the aqua and aries must remember not to be too independent but the aries man will worship her. I love her, shes different from anybody else.

Me and my aires man never fight! He doesnt have a temper either, most calm man Ive ever known! Everything but the fighting… we never fight… just sex. I am Aqua-Leo, and i was in relation with Aries-Gemini, that was relation full of adventure and passion, and my silly boy run to the other city. As an aries man who knew an aquarius woman for about five yrs i found repeatedly aqua is more in love with the concept of love and doesnt really love anyone.

JoA yup we Aries wil be childish till the end… Cuz we r the lonely wolf…3: P N We always lyk 2 have fun n adventure…: Glad she told the truth …. I think this really hits the nail on the head. I never was attracted to Aries. Knew to stay away from such a hothead. I was one time told by an astrololger Aries does not age well.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

Holy crud; this seems so freaking accurate. I think my ex loved my body more than my soul, which made me really sad because I had deep feelings for him. Eventually our relationship became a vicious cycle of fights and obsessions. I got tired of the make up sex even thought it was great because problems never get solved. Plus I was miserable because he was trying to change me into a doormat. I stayed calm and tried to be kind, but he got really upset and turned abusive.

Aries Man - Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

I am an Aquarious woman who has been on and off with an Aries man for 8 years now. It is a total roller coaster! We might be fighting and really mad one minute; then we will get in bed and have the most amazing sex ever! This article is so right!! Aquarius woman who was engaged to an Aries man…this hit the nail on the head…I almost sounds like I wrote it. We fought the whole time we were together but we were childhood friends so I trusted him more than anyone I knew.

This website is extremely extremely negative. Aries and Aquarians rule.

I am an aquarius woman and I have been with an aries boy for 5 years now the last of which has been a long distance relationship. We started out as friends and even though there was a lot of bloodshed right at the start, for some reason we stuck through and have been happy since. We have a very comfortable and honest relationship. However, your post sort of worries me. So this post sort of freaked me out. Sure astrology would give you the rough idea but it really depends on individuals to work it out right?

Otherwise Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan would still be together right? I just want to ensure that if there is another blood bath, its not him who is all bruised. Check out my compatibility report for great detail. Id probably have to say that relationship wise it kinda is.

Aries & Aquarius: Love Compatibility

I almost felt attacked reading it.. But with all that blood shed, who dies? There will be blood everywhere then absolute silence Our Rating: Aquarius , Aquarius woman , Aries , Aries man.

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The most obvious tension point between Aries and Aquarius is the high level of eroticism, repeated in several houses between these signs overlapping one another. For all we know, you two could have been born in the same neighbourhood.

Aries Man And Aquarius Woman

In his eyes, for 20 hours of the day she could be the girl next door. But — make no mistake about this — his passion for her lives through the other 4 hours, where she brings new perspective to his day, just by being herself. Are you sure you want this, Aqua? That would be a critical mistake in the long term. But your growing friendship is exactly what you both need to make use of in the most fearful times. When you both first met one another, you probably recognised this romance as an opportunity to express yourself like never before.

Aquarius, most of the building stable ground is left to you as your job here. Aries will have to, on the other hand, push himself to really be transparent in words about the nature of his attraction to her. In her house of fun and wild play 5th , overlaps his house of close friendship. The more he sees her uninhibited side, the more he learns how similar their individual pursuit of pleasure and play really is in his eyes.

About her as a woman? This is one of those moments where he gets to appreciate her as both a woman and an individual in her own right, as she has been doing the same with him nearly from the start. And his turn to use their private time for really sharing how he much he needs her, in words and everything.

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I am not into horoscopes like THAT.. But this is so true right now. The only real connection is in the bedroom..