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Oct 27, 1, That's a heartwarming story. Makes ya wonder what kind of wonder and love for games we'll have in forty years.

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It's an amazing hobby man. Oct 26, 1, Destiny raids are a truly wonderful experience. Oct 25, 4, NJ. A bit of clarification: Mr Kinney wasn't necessarily seeking any help with the raid, at first. He had recently ordered his Solstice of Heroes shirt from Bungie and had earned his Resplendent armor in the game. He made a post basically expressing his love and admiration of the game and how much it meant to him.

He did, however, make a brief comment that he had never done any of the raids in Destiny 2. His writing was so eloquent and heart felt. As I've mentioned, I don't do sherpa runs in Destiny 2. I used to in Destiny 1 all the time. But Fib was so passionate in his post, that I felt it was necessary and the right thing to do, to help this fellow get the full and true Destiny experience. Raids are the pinnacle pieces content.

They're are the absolute ultimate and best experiences the game has to offer. As someone who is also creative and artistically inclined, I knew Fib would love to actually see the spectacles and wonders that are in these raids.

So, I sent him a private message and offered to help with the Leviathan raid if he was ever interested. A few days later, I asked a few of my friends to help out. And well, you all know the rest: Oct 25, 7, NYC. Great story - thank you for sharing it! Oct 26, 3, Thanks for the heartwarming story! Oct 25, 5, Northeast USA.

Welcome to!

You gotta love the Destiny Community here for these types of things. Oct 25, Nov 20, 4, Portugal. Awww such a awesome story. Grats to -PXG- for doing this. Indy in the Fridge Member. Oct 30, 3, I give Bungie shit for some of their decision-making regarding Destiny 2, but I will always appreciate how the game itself made for a really good and supportive community where people were willing to run through things multiple times, with no reward for themselves other than to just help their fellow Guardian.

Oct 25, 3, Pretty cool how games are something that can bring all ages together. Oct 27, 3, Thats a sweet awesome story. You should put a nice post up on Facebook as well Corn, some friendly people might get you your first raid clears as well! Oct 25, 8, Miami, FL.

Oct 28, Is it still true that getting through Leviathan can take up to double-digit hours? And you say this guy was pretty good for his first time? Philly Cheesesteak Banned Member.

How would you improve Gambit?

Oct 28, 2, Nov 7, 1, Gothenburg, Sweden. The ERA community for running raids in Destiny is amazing.

PC Gamer: 81 year old Destiny 2 player finishes his first raid (Thanks to ERA members!)

I loved grouping up with everyone. Oct 27, 1, Orlando, Florida. Gernau Morat Gurgeh Member. Oct 31, 1, Oct 25, 5, I am kinda curious how someone came to be playing Destiny 2 at age 81, and how long he has been playing computer games. May 28, I enjoyed it but don't quite like talking to strangers so I avoided the raids. Good on the dude for getting his SoH shirt. That grind is real. I love stuff like this. I'm curious did Fib voice chat much? I've never talked to someone in their 80's on mic. Not with a team of people as experienced as these guys.

I mean if you are low leveled or not a great player I can see Leviathan taking a few hours. Double Digits seems wild. I Sherpa'd a D1 Kings Fall raid that went into double digits but thats the only time and it was 2 weeks after launch. Everything in leviathan is crazy easy these days so long as people understand the mechanics. Current worlds fastest is 17 mins 16 seconds.

Anthem will have raid matchmaking from get go

It's the same as the premade groups in WoW. I imagine Guided Games will be used for that 3rd Seed of Light, which does have match making.

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They confirmed pretty quick that the 2nd Seed was Blind Well locked, but the 3rd they have been quiet about? Well some of us saw in the first few days that Forsaken was grindy as hell and catering to a small group of streamers and no lifers. The exotic drop rate sucks because people want to feel more special. Infusion is a mess because they need busy work. And the grind is absurd. When gamers say they want to grind or need stuff to grind for.

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Maybe don't listen to them because they have nothing else to do and don't represent the majority of players. This is where i stand. I finally tore myself away from D2 a few days ago and started playing MHGU, DQ11 and a few other games i kept backlogging and it's been the most fun i have had in months playing a game. All in all imo Destiny is at it's best when it's not holding your hand and awarding you for breathing like you're five or taking itself so seriously to where it thinks it's the only game you are ever going to play and expecting you to dump countless hours for virtual satisfaction.

That said the best times i had in destiny was probably TTK-ROI and it's a shame there probably won't ever be a balance like that again, for now tho forsaken has lost me but it's not all bad, at least i enjoy my hobby again. Y'all need to chill out on all this misinformation and also realize that content is still being released over time in this DLC.

Everybody is just jumping to conclusions and forgoing the natural human common sense. Atsuki , Warlock Max Power Let's look at the facts: Nobody has gotten a 3rd seed of light anywhere else. We speculate that's the only way to get it.

Bungie asks Destiny 2 players for Gambit feedback ahead of Joker's Wild DLC

You provide evidence that it "WILL"not be the only way. Meaning, currently the only way to get it is Nothing I've said is misinformation. And it doesnt change the fact that once again an integral part of the game is locked behind content with no in game matchmaking. Why is this so difficult for people to understand? Wouldnt even need match making for other modes if we could all communcate from get go.

The lack of it kills games.

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Look at ESO, no text chat It saved that game for alot of people. I kinda get if this was COD, you wouldn't need it. The ablility to ask for help in "quiet" manner is so damn helpful. Even if I could speak, I share a house and play late into night